Separating my online cv and the template has always been a bit of a complicated task. The way it was built sort of forced me to keep two versions of the same thing in different places, the OpenSource template on github and the production version of the site, but as I am quite a lazy guy and I lack the patience for boring and complicated processes that are hard to automate, I ended up keeping only with the public repository and using the example to generate the production site.

With the new version of the website and the time I spent learning how to use HUGO, the idea of converting the cv template came up therefore allowing the usage of HUGO for both sites and making the whole process easier, not only for me, but for everyone who uses it.

Now it’s all very simple, whenever an update is made to the template I just have to update the Git submodule and submit the update to the private repository. At that point the CI/CD tools take care of the rest (more on this topic sometime …).

You can access the project at:

Here is the video of the whole process, you can also watch it in real time at